YOU CAN BUY A DISTILLER HERE For eveyone’s info as I keep getting the same question. I DO NOT put any tap water into the GLASS jug since filming this very early video! I realised this after the FIRST READ MORE

Is Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water Better?

Dr. Group is back responding to your questions. Have something you want to ask? Post it below! Read about “3 Health Benefits of Distilled Water” here: ➤➤ Viewer asked: “Is distilled or reverse osmosis water better?” —— Subscribe to READ MORE

Homemade Countertop Distilled Water Making

Cleaner water is now possible with a countertop water distiller. *** Update** Youtube says this video is not suitable for most advertisers. Why? Don’t we need clean water to live? I”m sharing how to do this. So people buy a READ MORE

Mini Aqua Distiller: Lets see if it works!

I found this Mini Aqua Distiller on the side of the road with a bunch of other $hit marked FREE! I love that kind… BIG! TIMES!! I grabbed this contraption not knowing exactly what it was. I had an idea READ MORE

Lemons to descale your water purifier Citric Acid

Instead of paying for Citric Acid, getting it on Ebay or somewhere else, paying for postage, plastic, transportation just use a couple of lemons in water and leave overnight. You’ll be surprised with the results, no hard scrubbing. A few READ MORE

AquaTru Quickstart Guide

Now you can create bottled water quality water right from your tap water with AquaTru. AquaTru is the first and only countertop water purifier that uses the gold standard of water purification, four stage reverse osmosis technology, to remove virtually READ MORE

Survival Still Review The product I am reviewing today is a lightweight, portable water purification still that can purify almost any water source from any heat source.!/~/product/category=5198173&id=21532163

Two Simple Ways To Treat Water

Animation focusing on two methods to treat water — Filtration and Solar Disinfection Created and produced by Buzzco Associates, inc. New York City USA ( Designed, directed and written by Candy Kugel Animated by Rick Broas Music by Lanny Meyers READ MORE

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller (Unboxing & Assembly) Model: MH943SB

Countertop Water Distiller: In this video Dan from takes you along for the unboxing and assembly of the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller in Stainless Steel & Black with Glass Bottle.

Why I ONLY Drink Distilled Water (in 5 minutes)

Distiller that I Use: Distiller (cheaper): TDS meter: MORE INDEPTH VIDEO: My friend Richard asked me the deal with water so I got him to film my answer. I will do a more in depth video READ MORE