YOU CAN BUY A DISTILLER HERE For eveyone’s info as I keep getting the same question. I DO NOT put any tap water into the GLASS jug since filming this very early video! I realised this after the FIRST READ MORE

MY EXPERIENCE SWITCHING OVER TO DISTILLED WATER: MEGAHOME COUNTERTOP DISTILLER REVIEW Thanks for watching forest friends! Subscribe for new videos every single week, hit that notification button to get notified for future uploads, and follow me on my other social media: SOCIAL MEDIA: MAIN CHANNEL: VLOG CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: READ MORE

Polar Bear CT-26 Water Distiller from Polar Bear Water Distillers

Polar Bear CT-26 Water Distiller from this is a 8 gallon per day automatic Polar bear water distiller with a 5.5 gallon stainless steel water storage tank. Watch the water distiller video here:

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller (Unboxing & Assembly) Model: MH943SB

Countertop Water Distiller: In this video Dan from takes you along for the unboxing and assembly of the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller in Stainless Steel & Black with Glass Bottle.

Pure Water Inc – Distilled Drinking Water with Pure Water Inc. Water Distillers Pure Water, Inc. Distilled Drinking Water Systems for the home or office available at the lowest prices from Whether they are used as dental water distillers in a dentist office, or as a compact countertop water distiller for READ MORE

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Water Health-; combining the Pure Water brand in Arizona, and the AquaNui brand online, with the PH Ion brand–the result is super water that saves you time, money, and optimizes your health! It’s not only better for the environment, but READ MORE

London tap water – How clean is your water? You will be shocked!!!

London tap water – How clean is your water? You will be shocked!!!

Distiller maintenance

Distiller maintenance is key to keeping your potable water safe. How to clean distiller and steam storage tank. Model Durastill D-30J_4G Still-clean part ST32N Contact us: