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Lemons to descale your water purifier Citric Acid

Instead of paying for Citric Acid, getting it on Ebay or somewhere else, paying for postage, plastic, transportation just use a couple of lemons in water and leave overnight. You’ll be surprised with the results, no hard scrubbing. A few READ MORE

Why I ONLY Drink Distilled Water (in 5 minutes)

Distiller that I Use: Distiller (cheaper): TDS meter: MORE INDEPTH VIDEO: My friend Richard asked me the deal with water so I got him to film my answer. I will do a more in depth video READ MORE

Megahome Water Distillation Unit – Unboxing & Initial Review, Use & Water Test

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Homemade Water Distiller! – DIY “Counter-Top” Water Distiller! – New Design!! ez DIY

DIY Water Distiller! New Design!! Compact “Counter-Top” Model. Works Awesome… literally cost me nothing to make. *it’s made with items commonly found around the home, so for many people, it’s free to make! (i didn’t have to buy anything). video READ MORE

★★★★★ PurePro MH-943 vízdesztilláló működés közben – water distiller

Kipróbáltuk a PurePro MH-943 vízdesztillálót! További információ: