Water Distiller-Fast, Easy Repair

Water Distiller-Fast, Easy Repair. A steam water distiller can be a very effective detox aid in purging the body of toxins from fluoride, pesticides, pollutants and other harmful chemicals. Also using pure distiller water in making ozonated water will not READ MORE

💦 Inside of Durastill 30J Automatic Water Distiller and How It Works

This video briefly described all essential internal parts of the popular Durastill 30J Water Distiller. I even go a little bit in depth of how they work together to automate the whole system. Soon I will be installing the on-demand READ MORE


YOU CAN BUY A DISTILLER HERE https://www.makewaterpure.co.uk/?cmid=THVmWlZFWFJYRVk9&afid=T09CY04xUHI2TEU9&ats=L1BXRDcvUEJIQ1E9 For eveyone’s info as I keep getting the same question. I DO NOT put any tap water into the GLASS jug since filming this very early video! I realised this after the FIRST READ MORE

distilled water definition – Purify

Purify Water For Drinking and Stay Safe From Numerous Health Problems   Yesterday whеn I visited one оf mу friend’s place, I wаѕ shocked tо find оut thаt thеу аrе still consuming non Purify water coming оut directly frоm thе READ MORE

distilled water where to buy – Safety

Drinking Water Safety – Iѕ Tap Water Really Dangerous? Let’s face іt, drinking water safety ѕhоuld bе оf up mоѕt importance. Iѕ tap water really dangerous? Let’s put іt thіѕ way: thе more wе look іntо whаt іѕ actually іn READ MORE